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ચિકાગો મેમણ જમાત

 (Formerly Memon Association of America)

   Serving The Memon Community since 1982

    Incorporated under the laws of State of Illinois, USA

   (A Non-profit Organization)

     Chicago, IL USA






Board of Directors

President:                     Jawed Khandwala

Sr.  Vice-President             Ali Bagasrawala

Vice-President                   Asif Kassim

General Secretary:               Rafique Mota

Sr. Joint Secretary:    Saleem Ghaffaar

Joint Serretary            Naeem Khanani

Tresurer:                               M Akhtar Naviwala

Asst. Treasurer             Imran Aziz

Communication Secretary Ghaffar A Variend

Asst. Comm. Secretary Muzzamil Musani   

Youth Chairman        Tanveer Haroon

Asst. Youth Chairman   Talha Darvesh




Advisory Committee

Our Honorable Presidents



Appointment of Executive Committee Members and Directors

for the year 2013



Farooq Sardharia                                President

Abdul Wahid Jangda                           Vice President

Jawed Khandwala                              General Secretary

Feroz Aboobaker                               Treasurer

Abdul Ghaffar Variend                        Advisor, Webmaster and Communication

Ahmed K Jangda                                Advisor and Funeral Committee Member



Hameed Naviwala                              Director - Event Ticket Sales and Organizer

Arif Sattar                                         Director - Event Ticket Sales

Imran Aziz                                         Director -  Event Ticket Sales  

Rafique Mota                                     Director -  Event Ticket Sale and Food Committee Member

Asif Haroon                                       Director - Food Committee Member

Ashfaq Zakaria                                   Director - Event Banquet Hall and Food Organizer

Yousuf Naviwala                                 Director - Event Banquet Hall and Food Organizer



Akhtar Naviwala                                Director

Anis Ghaniwala                                  Director

Ashraf Umrani                                    Director

Babu Sayani                                       Director

Kader Sodhager                                 Director

Mohammed Iqbal (M I Travel)              Director

Salim Parekh                                     Director

Wahid Butt                                       Director

Yusuf Hingora                                    Director

Farooq VIP                                        Director

Rafiq Badla                                       Director

Azeem Sozer                                     Director

Usman Gani                                       Director

Jawed Umrani                                   Director



Ahmed K Jangda                               Director - Funeral Committee Member

Farooqi Ahmed                                 Director - Funeral Committee Member

Ghulam Panawala                              Director - Funeral Committee Member

Junaid Basathia                                 Director - Funeral Committee Member

Ali Bagasrawala                                 Director - Funeral Committee Member


LADIES COMMITTEE                            To be announced at a later date


YOUTH COMMITTEE                            To be announced at a later date





Annual General Body Meeting

December 3, 2012 at 9:00 pm

Report by: Ghaffar Variend


Assalam o Alaykum dear community brothers and sisters:


Chicago Memon Association current board called annual general meeting to elect a new President for 2013,  The meeting was held at Usmania Restaurant on Devon Ave. Chicago, IL after Isha prayer.


The meeting started with Tilawat e Qur’an by Brother Ahmed Karim Jangda.


Brother Ahmed Jangda and Brother Ghaffar Variend election commissioners chaired the meeting. In his opening remarks Brother Ahmed Jangda welcomed all the community members for being part of the process. There were two contestants, Br. Farooq Sardharia and Abdul Wahid Jangda. However, before the election process began, brother Abdul Wahid Jangda withdrew his nomination in support of Br. Farooq Sardharia, therefore, Br. Farooq Sardharia was declared the uncontested President of Chicago Memon Association for the year 2013 and received full support from all participants.




Br. Imran Aziz and Br. Jawed Khandwala presented financial results by event which resulted in net increase in cash by approximately $5,800.00 minus few outstanding bills which will amount to no more than $1,000.00. Everyone applauded the achievement and congratulated the entire team and job well-done.


In his opening remarks, the newly elected President Farooq Sardharia thanked everyone for being part of the process and their support,  he also, thanked Brother Imran Aziz and his entire team and in particular Jawed Khandwala, Anis Ghaniwala, Feroz Aboobaker, Ghaffar Variend, Ahmed Jangda, Abdul Wahid Jangda, Asif Haroon, Rafique Mota, Akhtar Naviwala and Hameed Naviwala for doing excellent work for the Memon community. He promised to continue the work started by Br Imran Aziz and his team as well as introduce new ideas with his teams support which he promised to introduce before the end of the year.


There were two notable visitors from Pakistan, Br. Mohammad Hanif Ghaniwala CEO of Expertek Cyber Solutions and Br. Muhammad Reyaz Ahmed of Alpha Insurance and WMO Executive, both were welcomed by the community.


Annual general body meeting came to conclusion with closing Duaa. The meeting ended at 10:30 pm.



2012 Election Report

December 19, 2011

Report by Abdul Ghaffar Variend


A General meeting was called by the Current President of Chicago Memon Association, Mohataram Imran Aziz Katiya on December 19, 2011 at Delhi Durbar Restaurant on Devon Avenue, Chicago, IL at 8:30 pm. The purpose of the meeting was to elect a new President for the year 2012.

Agenda of the Meeting:

  1. Recitation of Surah from Qur’an Sharif

  2. Dua’a-e- Maghferat for the mother of Pervaiz Usman

  3. President Speech

  4. Election of New President

  5. Introduction of new cabinet

  6. Dinner Served

  7. Open floor discussion and Q&A

  8. Conclusion remarks, if any

The meeting started with recitation of Holly Qur'an by former President Mohataram Ahmed Karim Jangda followed by Dua’a-e-maghferat for Pervaiz Usman’s late mother Khadija Usman, who passed away in Karachi, Pakistan recently.

Brother Rafique Mota circulated photos of his visit to Nusrat Foundation in Karachi, Pakistan and explained the use of money donated by all Memon Brothers from Chicago. The project is progressing very well and certainly more monetary support is needed for the purchase of more chairs for handicap children.

Approximately more than 40 notable and active members were present to witness the process and to show support for Mohataram Imran Aziz Katiya. In his opening remarks, President thanked each and every one from his team for their support including all volunteers and thanked them for making all four events successful, which was the first time in the history of Chicago Memon Jamaat. At this time, the President asked and endorsed current V-P Mohataram Anis Ghaniwala to take over the President’s responsibility for 2012.

Brother Anis Ghaniwala indicated that it will be his pleasure to serve the community however; he preferred that respected Imran Aziz Katiya to continue his presidency for one more year and asked all the members to raise their hand in support of the motion. All present members supported the motion in favor of Mohataram Imran Aziz Katiya to continue his good work for one more year. Mohataram Imran Aziz Katiya accepted and promised to do even better job along with his team members. One of the proposals suggested by the President was to arrange a future event to gather All North American Memon Jamaats in Chicago under one roof.

After this, dinner break was announced and member enjoyed the dinner.

Memon Alam Monthly Magazine Presentation

Brother Abdul Ghaffar Variend, current Webmaster of Chicago Memon Association and Host & CEO of Memon Point

web site presented copies of August 2011 issue of Memon Alam to President Imran Aziz

Katiya, Vice President Anis Ghaniwala and Secretary Jawed Khandwala. These copies were received from World

Memon Organization's Pakistan chapter office in Karachi for Chicago Memon Association. They were very

appreciative and expressed their pleasure that the August 2011 issue contained reports of Chicago Memon

Association Eid-ul Fitr Dinner and get together program. At this moment, Brother Abdul Ghaffar Variend briefed

them about the importance of community magazine Memon Alam and also the role of W.M.O. in global unity of

Memon community.


                         L-R Anis Ghaniwala, Imran Aziz Katiya, Abdul                    L-R Anis Ghaniwala, Imran Aziz, Ghulam Panawala

                               Ghaffar Variend and Jawed Khandwala                             Abdul Ghaffar Variend and Jawed Khandwala


In closing the event, Mohataram Imran Aziz Katiya thanked each and every one personally for being supportive and for being a part of an important process and meeting.

The meeting adjourned around 10:30 pm.






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